About Us

RIVEIRO Y ASOCIADOS, Certified Public Accountants – Advisors, is a firm of accounting auditors and tax experts of the Argentine Republic and that was created back in the month of June, 1981.

RICARDO E. RIVEIRO, is the founding partner and the person managing the departments in charge of INTERNATIONAL TAXATION AND TRANSFER PRICING.

Partners and staff have been trained by leading international firms. Expertise, personal services and the solid human capital composition are the pillars supporting this Accounting Firm to face the challenge implied by rendering services of excellence. These professional services are rendered to medium and large business clients, both national and international.

RIVEIRO Y ASOCIADOS owns over 60 offices around the whole world and it has professional advisors abroad in order to provide suitable counselling and gain the necessary local expertise in any sort of business intended to run in the international arena.


I will never forget my father’s saying: “Outstanding students may be divided into two big groups: those instinctively intelligent, blessed with wisdom, who understand and learn the various subjects they are taught by making no efforts at all; and, those who are not blessed – by, who knows why not, mother nature – who make never-ending efforts and, because of their hard work they may compete against those who originally appeared to be intellectually superior”. I always asked my father the same question: – Dad: What would happen if the two good qualities combined: an intelligent person who worked hard? EXCELLENCE would arise, he answered with no hesitation.

… Under his teachings, I endeavour to lead my professional life. I have always worked with the best experts, those who achieved the highest scores at university, with passionately challenging any enterprise of theirs, with the effort to know that something else apart from simply reading a rule is necessary, that persistent spirit and enthusiasm are also needed to deeply construe what the problem is and to discover the way to solve it. I learnt that sleeplessness helps to develop a sort of intelligence supported by time in the brilliant but lazy brain. Life commitment also comprises commitment to the already chosen labour, the already entrusted work – according to the pertinent number of hours.

With no passion, I may not understand what my profession means. Actually, I could not understand any other profession, either. Therefore, I try to usually practice so and to daily transmit this to my people. To conclude, EXCELLENCE may not be granted, it is achieved through practice and efforts to improve. Greatest dedication, best efforts and passion should be all present in any and each task we are entrusted with.

RIVEIRO Y ASOCIADOS has been rendering services for 30 years now which I had the privilege of leading. Our “expertise” in tax and accounting fields has not arisen by chance, but it derives from a combination of human values and intellectual capacity together with that passion I have already referred to in consideration of the experts who are part of this Firm and embracing from the very partners up to the newly recruited assistant.

We are renowned in the Argentine market for AUDITING and TAXES which are deemed the global services and INTERNATIONAL TAXATION and TRANSFER PRICING which are deemed the specialized fields. We are not big, even though once we have been trained by big ones; we are not small, even though we have learnt how small ones treat and satisfy clients. This is no longer a matter of size but we should try to become notable experts without arrogance in this field; because, beyond feeling proud of and pleased with a specific task that we have already duly finished, after all, this is what we are paid for.

We aim at getting trained every day in order to understand and assist our clients by trying to solve today problems which will surely be easier than tomorrow’s which will bring about new challenges for us to face. We must construe what the client’s real business means prior to quickly stammering a very first answer.

Hence, we are both accepted and appreciated. Our clients observe we do not intend to part from the problem whatever the cost, but to seriously and fervently construe what it is about and find the correct arguments, the same as if dealing with a personal problem. This is the everyday effort made by the experts working for RIVEIRO Y ASOCIADOS. This is our passion.

As offspring always say about their parents: “my father was wise, it is a pity I have not realized before”…, in my particular case, I have suspected it from the very first day.