Accounting Field

  • Auditing


    Financial Statements.

    Revision of assets and liabilities when acquiring companies (“Due Diligence”)

  • Accountancy

    Accounting services and management of foreign companies at the “Start- up” stage.

    Accounting services to small and medium companies.

    Preparation of financial statements and drafting of management reports.

    Design and implementation of cost and result measurement systems.

    Administrative re-organizations.

    Revision of accounting procedures.

    Issuance of professional certificates.

  • Companies

    Creation of commercial business corporations and non-commercial partnerships.

    Consolidations and mergers, divisions of capital, acquisition of companies or assets.

    Goodwill transfer.

    Counselling on and creation of companies for specific purposes so that their organization is duly authorized by the corporation control entities (capitalization, save and loan plans, insurances, etc.).

    Settlement of issues related to family business.

Tax Field

  • General tax planning
    Design of tax strategies to reduce tax costs pursuant to the legal rules.
  • Preparation and revision of tax affidavits.
    At a national, provincial or municipal level.
  • National Trusts.
    Creation and tax counselling.
  • Constant counselling on tax rules and their corresponding amendments.
  • Tax counselling.
  • VAT tax credit and tax credit balance recovery.
  • Proceedings and Remedies.
    Comprehensive assistance in inspections conducted or requirements imposed by control entities.
    Taxpayers’ defence against tax and social security claims.
    Party-requested expert reports and technical counselling.
  • Tax re-organizations.
  • Promotion systems.
    Software companies and capital assets.